July 12.1993

a meeting was held with the local journalist about tree plantation to keep equilibrium of environment,adopting different industrial policy for north Bengal ,transit route for transportation with Nepal ,refinancing to run the distressed industries .A free library was set up for easy access of information related to export-import policy, VAT, tax, indenting business and informed the members in August 8, 1993 through a press

November 11,1993

a demand was given to the then telecommunication minister Mr. Tariqul Islam to introduce international postal and telephone exchange system in Rajshahi and to the response of the demand, program of ten thousands digital telephone connection had been started in that year.

January 2, 3, 1994

a memorandum was given to the honorable Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia at circuit house in Rajshahi.

# To build silk industries as expert-oriented.
# Reserving fruits like mangoes & litchis.
# To build up agro-based industries by setting up exportable processing industries with laboratory facilities for increased production.
# Help to set up garment and tannery industries in Rajshahi.
# Setting up cement industries in Rajshahi to use the raw materials of Jaypurhat.
# Advancing the task of drawing solid stoned coal from mines of north bengal.
# Taking necessary steps to supply gas for setting up indudtries in this region.
# Setting up EPZ, providing export-import facilities through Mongla port and introducing railway container service with the port.
# Converting Rajshahi Air Port as international airport with cargo services.
# Formulating special industries policy for northbengal .
# Accelerating the commercial banks to implement the special industrial policy.
# Protecting smuggling.
# Introducing international telephone service facilities in Rajshahi.
# Taking steps to protect Rajshahi from being deserted.
# Developing railway services in northbengal .
# Setting up factories to solve continuous increasing demand and problems of fertilizer.

February 5,1994

The Chamber successfully managed the divisional business summit in focusing commerce and business of the region ,specially presenting the problems of industry ,communication ,silk agriculture etc .A business meeting was held as entitled “Commerce & Industry of Rajshahi & North Bengal ;Where Mr. M. Morshed , special delegate from honorable prime minister was the chief guest, Mr.ATM Waziullah, president , DCCI(Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry) was the special guest , Mr, AKM Gaffar, president & MD of Arab Bangladesh Bank was guest speaker. Through the business summit the chamber made the government concerned over look to the problems of commerce and business, industry, agriculture, unemployment, communication or overall economic bad condition of northbengal under socio-economic perspective of the country.

December 16, 1994

The Chamber celebrate the greater victory day offering due respect to the mullions of martyrs and participants in the liberation war prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls and wished for the betterment of the country & nation .To build up sound democratic system and self-dependent economic system of independent Bangladesh, people of every classes were addressed to participate, industry, education, health, communication & ICT etc.


National Board of Revenue (NBR) banned importing consumer goods and raw materials of industry through the custom land ports of northbengal other than Tamable and Benapol .The decision, being threatened and disregarding to the concepts of free market economy, The Chamber highly claimed to cancel the order.While a decision was taken to close the Padma intercity express and revised Rajshahi-Khulna intercity schedule for one day interval, depriving the fascinated people of every classes of Rajshahi, the chamber claimed to cancel the decision thinking the sufferings of the
people. As a result, the trains were got back to the previous schedule.

July 1996

the chamber went on a contract with German Federation of Small Business (ZDH) to operate a joint training project for modernization of commerce & trade, poultry etc. Later, different training courses were held about staff orientation training, income tax, customs, duties & VAT concept, method and practice training course on book keeping & accounting for small & medium enterprise (SME), how to start a dairy farm , maintains & practical knowledge on cattle treatment , need for a strong secretariat for service delivery etc. Government planned to terminate Bangladesh Shilpo Rin Sangstha, Bangladesh Railway Sadar Daptar and different government agencies from Rajshahi with the suggestion of ADB. The chamber moved to create a pressure group over the government with citizens concerned from cveryclasses of Rajshahi .As a result, Bangladesh Shilpo Rin Sangstha & Railway Sadar Daptar still remained in Rajshahi.

January 13, 1998

the chamber cancelled its iftar party to help the extremely cold stricken people and distributed winter clothes to the different slums in the city. In the same year, the chamber also distribute relief in the flood affected people in Bagha, Rajshahi with the request of DC. To perform the official tasks swiftly and more effectively, internet connection has a great importance for Bangladesh as line in developed countries for domestic and international business. It was planned to shift the internet service authorized for Rajshahi to another place. To protest this, the chamber organized a press conference for clearing and offers their demand through different news people and a memorandum was given to the honorable telecommunication minister Mr. Mohammad Nasim at circuit house in Rajshahi. For economic development by effective use of mineral assets , industrialization and solving the problems of land ports in northbengal ,a meeting was held as titled “Economic Development of Rajshahi Northbengal focusing Rajshahi” with the presence of Mr.AMS Kibria ,honorable finance minister, Mr.MA Mumin FBCCI delegate ,professor Zinnatunnessa Talukdar ,minister ,children and women Affairs and Mr. Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury ,chairman ,NRB. The honorable finance minister supported the rational of demands of Rajshahi with his full consent and assures to fulfill the demands immediately.With the help to ZDH a seven days long “Rajshahi Trade Fair “was held in 21-27 March with 28 stalls for the publicity of the goods produced in Rajshahi . The fair was inaugurated by the honorable minister ,primary and Mass Education ministry where Mr. Mizanur Rahman Minu, honorable mayor was the special guest .The got massive popularity among the people of Rajshahi.Mr. Mohammod Ali Sarkar was elected executive committee member of FBCCI by competition for fi-annual period of 1998-2000.For lack of effective supervision and repairers Rajshahi Shahar Rokkha Badh was getting vulnerable condition. The city becomes threatening to the flood causing by the river of Padma. For effective solution f of such danger situation a meeting was held at the RCCI conference room with the presence of concerned citizens of the city .The chamber also communication to both water resourced minister and prime minister to solve the deadliest problem of Rajshahi.

March 7, 1999

a 13 members based group of National Defense Collage met with representative industrialists of RCCI, sharing socio-political, economic and environmental issues.

March 22-24 ,1999

Khondokar Hafizur Rahman attented the seminar titled as “Consultancy Business Matching , Sub-contracting and Franchising for SME’s in Singapore under ZDH Programmed.”President of RCCI MR.Mohommad Ali Sarkar joined different seminars held at Brussels, Hamburg, Hague and London including Bangladesh Investment Forum Paris as FBCCI delegate with honorable finance minister in April 21, 1999.

October 7, 1999

a meeting was held at RCCI conference room with Mr. Clive Alkor ,head of commerce ,British High commission about business and British joint investment . The chamber paid their tributes to the martyrs for language movement and others with praying for the eternal peace of the
departed souls as 21st February was decelerated as international mother tongue day offering floral tributes to the shamed miners at Rajshahi Collage.
the March 29 ,2001

Mr.Farasuddin Ahmed ,governor of Bangladesh Bank met with the executive officers of the banks located at Rajshahi .To expand business and setting up industries in northbengal ,the governor was requested to enhance banking service in Rajshahi with reducing bank interest rate.
February 16, 2001

The chamber donated tk, 71,151(seventy one thousand one hundred and fifty one) to the distressed 500 families and to the owners of the shops fired by an unusual incident of Rajshahi University in a response to the request of VC, Rajshahi University. The chamber moved to settle the collision raised between Rajshahi Sarak Paribahan Group and Pubali Bank and talked the matter successfully through an agreement.
1st April, 2001

a meeting was held from the chamber at parjatan motel in Rajshahi with Brigadier General Fazle Elahi NDC ,PSC ,Senior director staff and representative from National Defence Collage about the problems and prospect of business and commerce of northbengal.
27th May, 2001

the chamber offered for Rajshahi City Corporation Economic Census Committee including the representatives of RCCI in a meeting related to “Economic Census-2001”.
19th August, 2001

a meeting was held with NCTB and SESIP representatives at RCCI conference room about secondary and higher secondary education .The chamber proposed to introduce reality basis and life skill education system from class 1-V, different sector wise education from class VI-VII and higher education system from higher secondary level.
August 22, 2002

a meeting was held with the joint collaboration of RCCI and Bangladesh Bank about “Equity and Entrepreneurship Fund” Decision was made to partied equally and entrepreneurship fund for agro-based food processing industry and software industry of north bengal.
March 17 ,2003 

a meeting was held under the initiatives of RCCI with Mr.Fakruddin Ahmed ,governor of Banglaesh Bank about the problems and prospects of commerce and business relating to the economic development of the region.
March 18, 2003

official website of RCCI as www.rcci.bd .com was launched.
March 22 ,2003 
a workshop was held encouraging “VAT in Business” with persence of Mr.Yousf Abdullah Harun ,president of FBCCI as chief guest .Mr.AK Riazul Karim ,member ,NRB as special guest ,delegates from FBCCI and local business people .The chief guest delivered a speech about the importance and necessary of paying tax.
April 25 ,2003 

foundation pillar of RCCI chamber bhavan was built by Mr.Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury ,honorable commerce minister . Barrister Aminul Haq ,honorable telecommunication minister was the special guest in the occasion .Mr.Mizanur Rahman Minu honorable MP and Mayor ,Rajshahi City Corporation ,Mr.Ruhul Kabir Rizvi ,chairman ,RAKUB were the invited guests. Dr .Mujibur Rahman Khan, MD, RKUB, Mr.Nurul Gani Shovon, president, NASIB, central committee addressed the local chambers playing more active and efficient leadership role and strengthening institutional capacity to ensure the development of commerce and business within the country .
25th April 2003 

a meeting was held among the leaders of retailers and wholesalers organizations officers ,and FBCCI delegates about paying VAT. Leaders of the retailers and wholesalers organizations claimed not to pay equal figure of amount as VAT like to the two developed cities of Dhaka and Chittagong .
10th May 2003 

export-import group of Sonamasjid and C and F agents association organized a press conference in RCCI conference room in the demand to withdraw is cases filed byBDR ,punishment of BDR members and undue harassment .The leaders went on a decision for strike on 11 ,12 and 13th May for 2 hours ,four hours and half –day respectively .They also decided to go for indefinite strike from 14th May if the problems are not solved fairly .
4th May, 2003 

the chamber suggested the following things in the meeting of NRB advisory committee .

# Decreasing equity rate to 10% for underdeveloped northbengal .
# Decreasing the bank interest rate to 5% comparing to the current rate to establish new industries in north bengal .
# Providing subsidy on electricity supply in industrial sector and doubling tax holiday amount in developed region.
# Imposing VAT at 1% up to tk 1 lac .
# To make chamber’s certificate compoulsory while opening account in commercial banks to increase the income of chamber ofcommerce and in 
# Decision of investing 80% amount of money of total deposited amount northbengal.
# Setting up agro-based industries in Rajshahi.
# Fixation of profit margin 5% for saving 8% on distributed loan.
# Rule of licensing of TV just for one time.
10th July, 2003 

a meeting was held on spread and protection of AIDS with the initiatives of Social Marketing Company.
10th August, 2003 
tree plantation programmed was celebrated at Rajshahi Adarsha High School as a part of government tree
plantation implementation programme.
17th November 2003

the chamber organized the mass literary campaign and seminar with joint collaboration of Dhaka entitled “Education for All; Role of Private Sectors and NGO “where primary education was recommended to be nationalized ensuring education for all including poor and street children ,handicapped children ,ethnic minorities and tribal.
3rd December, 2003

a seminar was held about building fund for repairing roads with the joint co coordination of RCCI and ministry of communication .Building Fund for repairing roads and roads funding Boards, both the concepts were welcomemed by the participants.
21st January 2004
a seminar was held on “BDGF Portal and its country wide Impact “The portal wounded help to play important role for development in ICT sector of the country. The seminar was organized with the joint initiatives of RCCI and Bangladesh Development Gateway Foundation President of RCCI, MR. Lutfar Rahman traveled Indonesia and Brunai as an official tour member of the government with honorable Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia where he attended in a meeting for business expansion, development of fir-lateral relation manpower export.
24th January

Mr.Mizanur Rahman Minu, honorable mayor of Rajshahi city corporation distributed blanket and winter clothes to the destitute provided by RCCI. An initiative was taken to build up “Chamber Bhaban “ at the very beginning of the year reflecting the long cherished hopes and desires of the RCCI members . In this regard tender was invited by both local and national newspapers .43 construction firms participated in the tender process ,of them M/S Sanowara Enterprise ,Rajpara ,Rajshahi was selected through lottery .Total coast for building the bhaban was calculated as tk-83,46,677(eighty three laces forty six thousands six hundreds and seventy seven ) .Later ,tk25 lac was allotted for building 1st floor and tk15 lace was allotted for decoration the construction period to be within March ,2004.
March 1, 2004

Mr.Dandus Si Mac Sulat, councilor for political and economic affairs of American embassy assured for us technological assistance for the development of agrisector specially silk industries in Rajshahi rejoin.
March 17,2004

Mr.Khondokar Hafizur Rahman ,House committee joined the “Ahar International Food Fair “at Delhi along with Mr.Imrul Kayes , Ziauddin Ahmed Zia ,Mr.Sadrul Islam and Mostafizur Rahman. Mr.Khondokar Mizanur Rahman joined seminar entitled “Bangladesh Trade Show “focusing investment opportunities in Bangladesh held at Sydney, Australia as a member of business delegates leaded by Mr.Abdul Awal Minto, president ,FBCCI . For income generation of young unemployment people a cultivation project was under taken in the abandoned lands of Padma by
RCCI with the supporting from honorable mayor and chairman of RAKUB .For employment of the jobless young people credit facilities were provided.
December 1, 2004

Women Association of Bangladesh, Rajshahi Section was formed at city bhaban auditorium comprising 17 members with the initiative of Mrs.Nasrin Awal Minto, president, woman Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh and RCCI in which Mrs.Merina Parveen was selected as convener and both Mrs.Nasrin Huda and HumairaAlangir were selected as joint conveners.
March 5, 2005

a business meeting was held with the business delegates from Nepal .The delegates proposed to import zingers, crash stone etc . Mr.Kabirur Rahman Khan proposed to export jute , jute-products and fruits from Bangladesh .A memorandum of under study was signed at the end of the meeting .
March 27 ,2005

the newly built chamber bhaban officially launched and in 28th July ,2005 the RCCI president Mr.Md. Lutfar Rahman inaugurated the chamber bhaban along with the board of directors .RCCI gave a Stall as “Silk Fashion” at China Bangladesh Moitree Conference Center for 5-15April in 2005.
April 16,2005 

both Mr.Khondokar Hafizur Rahman and Mr.Khondokar Mynul Islam of RCCI were chief and special guest in a citizen meeting related to the socio-economic development of working children organized by UCEP .The chief guest addressed a speech considering every child as an asset and wished to make them educated by technology as like in China .The special guest expressed that child labour will stop until achieving economic freedom .
May 15 ,2005

President of RCCI Mr.Lutfar Rahman inaugurated the “Workshop for Assets Development” organized by Bangladesh Red Crescent Society ,Rajshahi district unit .The president wished Re-Crescent Society to be more role playing for socio-economic development . RCCI president Mr.Lutfar Rahman travelled Italy as tour partner with Commerce minister to visit the exhibition held at Milan, organized by Export Promotion Bureau (CEPB) for 23-25 May, 2005.
May, 28, 2005

the Vice President of RCCI Mr.Hasan Ali exchanged his views with the police commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police about the law and order situation of Rajshahi along with the directors of board. RCCI organized a meeting with the commissioner , Rajshahi division and to the convener of regional task force about Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) unclue influence on transportation and marketing of legally imported consumer oil. The business leaders of different markets in Rajshahi were also presented in the meeting to protest the issues .
August 17, 2005

RCCI organized a seminar on “Encouraging Woman Entrepreneurs to Business”. In the seminar ,banks are asked to provide loan to women entrepreneurs without collateral ,consumer loan facilities for the business persons as like the government employees ,accepting FDR as security for bank loan ,provide loan for generator ,solar energy ,bio-gas plant and to the food processing projects .
August 18 ,2005

the deputes director of Japan Bank for International Co-operation assured to invest tk-600 core in agro ,Industry ,education , communication and medical sector on Rajshahi region .

In today’s World Women are contributing in business and production sector in developed ,developing and ever in under developed countries .To encourage the women in doing business and building cottage industries ,a section of WEB was opened with the help of the chamber .WEB ,Rajshahi until organized “Women Handicraft Fair” for ten days started from 30th December where handicraft items produced by local women were exhibited .The event helped to play a supporting role to advertise the products and making new entrepreneurs as well .
February 9 ,2006 

RCCI president Md. Lutfar Rahman travelled Pakistan along with ex foreign minister M .Morshed Khan Health and Welfare minister Dr.Khondokar Mosharraf Hossain .Agricultural minister Mr.MK Anwar ,chief secretary of prime minister Dr.Kamal Hossain Siddiqi ,Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mr.Hemayet Uddin FBCCI delegates in a team leaded by honorable prime minister begum Khaleda Zia .During the tour proposal was given for the duty free access for 73 products of 9classes according to the conditions of SAPTA contract and for the mutual co-operation in different sectors like agro ,tourism ,communication ,education and culture etc .The peoples were assured for well consideration . The chamber paid a tribute to honorable Mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation for being Rajshahi as the happiest city in the world according to the report of “World Happiness Survey” conducted by “London Collage of Economics”.
April 13,2006

the chamber moved for a solution to ongoing Kansat Crisis which want for a bloody demonstration by a sitting with business leaders of Nawabgonj chamber of commerce and industries.RCCI helped the government to fulfill the logical demands of Kansat people and made issue solved . Mr.Lutfar Rahman ,president of RCCI joined the “World wide hundred cities exhibition 2006”held at Hangzhu ,China with Mr.Mizanur Rahman Minu , honorable Mayor ,Rajshahi City Corporation ,and alhaj Md.Sardar Ali ,chairman ,Sopura Silk Mills ,Mr.Sardar Ali gave a silk pavilion there which bought Rajshahi silk more introduction to the world market . A free discussion was held at RCCI conference room about the budget for 2006-07 as titled “What we want from Budget 2006-07”with the initiative of DTV network and in support of FBCCI. Mr.Mizanur Rahman Minu ,MP and honorable Mayor Rajshahi city corporation ,Professor Zinnatunnessa Talukdar ,ex-minister ,children and woman Affairs .Advocate Abdul Hadi , ex-mayor ,Mr. Omar Faruq Chowdhury ex –president ,RCCI ,Dr.Sultan Ahmed ,Mrs.Jahan Panna ,MP ,Mr.Abdur Rahman economists ,leaders of different organizations were presented in the discussion meeting .They demanded for gas ,electricity ,fertilizer factories ,technical institute ,criket test venue in Rajshahi and claimed for money to be allotted in the budget for the Rajshahi Jute Mills ,Textile Mills and Silk factories etc.
May ,22 ,2006 

Kimiko Iria ,country director and Anzi ,consultant of Japan Bank for International Co-operation sat on meeting with Mr.Shamsur Rahman ,chief economist ,Dhaka office of the bank at the RCCI conference room. They expressed their interest to invest on SME and agro business sector in Rajshahi.
May 24, 2006

the chamber highly protested to destroy the garments sector through frequent strikes and fining and requested to government to take strong steps. “Rajshahi Festival 2006”was held at shilpo Kola Academy in Dhaka with a fair .Different product of Rajshahi like silk, mangoes, sweets, pitha, were exhibited in the fair.A booklet as “Rajshahi Festival 2006” was also published on the occasion of fair. There was a 9 days long “One village one product” programmed at Yakohama city in Japan with the participation of delegates from four developing countries. Mr. Lutfar Rahman, president of RCCI along with EPB officer joined the event. They attended different seminar on about one village one product and visited many industrial factories.
April, 27, 2007 

US ambassador Patricia A Beutenas gave a interview to the RCCI and assured to help establishing agro-based EPZ in north Bengal.
May, 7, 2007

the chamber went for a press conference for this demand to the government as.
# For providing gas supply through pipeline industrial growth in the underdeveloped Rajshahi region .
# For setting up agro-based EPZ .
# Establishing a different electric supply center for the development in agro sector and .
# Setting up a urea fertilizers factory in Rajshahi without any delay.
17th May 2009

To succeed the commodity price control programmed of the government, the chamber arranged for selling daily necessary good at the bhaban with discount rate from 17th May 2009. Mr.Maynul Islam of RCCI attended discussion on “Problems of SME development “organized by CCD at Bangladesh Radio, Rajshahi Center.
June, 13, 2007
a meeting was held with the Mayor of Christian Sand City, Norway and his tour partners about cancer, its treatment and
development of research. Mr.Khondokar Mynul Islam, vice-president of RCCI as a tour partner of FBCCI business delegates joint the organizational Islamic conference at Thailand. He visited the activities of “Global Village” there.
November 9, 2007

president of RCCI Md.Hasan Ali and Vice-president Mr. Khondokar Mynul Islam traveled Oman for a discussion about business and joint investment.
In December 5, the chamber hand over tk 6, 12, 00(six lac twenty thousands) and 200 pics of sharees to the joint force CIDR affected people by expressing great sympathy. President of RCCI was elected as executive member of SAARC chamber of commerce and industry for the period of 2008-2009. In 13th January, the president joined the 41st and 42nd meeting of SARRC at New Delhi.
January, 13, 2008 

a discussion was held with Dora Bapold, ambassador of Switzerland with the presence of industrial and women entrepreneurs. A full library and research cell were set up at the basement floor of the Chamber bhaban to maintain and make available of data information related to business, industry, banking and tax.
April 29, 2008

Mr.Anisul Haq, FBCCI president was given honour on behalf of the chamber of north Bengal at chamber conference room.
July 20, 2008

a discussion meeting was held about the rights of handicap people with the initiative of Action on Disability and Development (ADP) and by the support of RCCI. Mr. Sikuku Ubusi, ADD programmed co-coordinator of UK presented a people about the steps to make the handicapped people self-depended. Deputy capacities Building co-coordinator, ADD, Bangladesh, Human Rights Workers, Human Rights Promoter Programmed officer of ADD, Banglasesh addressed to recruit the handicapped people in different mills and factories by their qualification.
In August 10, 2008

a 10 days long “Bangladesh Trade Support Programme” was successfully ended at chamber conference room with the initiative of the ministry of commerce, financial assistance by EU and under the full suppuration of RCCI. Mr. Kabirur Rahman Khan addressed a speech on “Trade Opportunities and Barriers in Rajshahi region” The Chamber offered their views on national dialogue organized by FBCCI.

Demand for administrative reform of different star organizational to ensure transparency.
Prohibiting strike culture as being used political weapon to earn their interest.
Making Chittagong Port free from all political strikes which hinders export-import operation.
August 10, 2008

a 10 days long “Bangladesh Trade Support Programme” was successfully ended at chamber conference room with the initiative of the ministry of commerce, financial assistance by EU and under the full suppuration of RCCI. Mr. Kabirur Rahman Khan addressed a speech on “Trade Opportunities and Barriers in Rajshahi region” The Chamber offered their views on national dialogue organized by FBCCI.

Demand for administrative reform of different star organizational to ensure transparency.
Prohibiting strike culture as being used political weapon to earn their interest.
Making Chittagong Port free from all political strikes which hinders export-import operation.
A workshop was held on “Parliamentary Advocacy” as organized by international Republican Institute and with the support and coordinator to RCCI. Directors of RCCI different industries and the civil society participated in the workshop. Decision was taken to confirm the honorable MPs about the business opportunities, expansion of industries, agro, education and culture for the socio-economic development of the issues in the national assembly in a continuous process and ensure the development of the region.